Get more with dynamic templates for your contract and documents

Our templates are always legally compliant and approved by senior experts in a range of fields – from finance and accounting to HR and management. ou will always find your Cooach at the heart of your organization. From cloud based tools and contract templates to experienced team members ready to serve.

Rubrik som beskriver behovet och angelägenheten i att göra rätt från start – Insourcad funktion

In addition, Cooach leads your colleagues through concerns over whether you are doing the right thing in compliance with legal requirements and the needs of different stakeholders.

Cooach provides a sound and reliable basis that lift your company to best practice process, regardless of whether the issue at hand is HR, Ownership och management.

Här skulle det passa bra med en video (skärminspelning kan funka) där man ser lite av processen


Cooach notifications connects your key management events to your company’s communication channels.

Your business need Cooach templates. But you also need sound and reliable processes from the ground up and automation of repetitive tasks. 

That starts with Cooach notifications. Of course you know all to well what notifications can be like in your social apps. Bot this is different, very different.

Reporting to stakeholders takes the energy out of what you want, and should spend time on. With Cooach templates, you can build processes for what is repetitive.

Sometimes that means that Cooach bot answers simple questions before they reach your CFO or HR manager.

That means that your CFO can focus on the actual CFO assignment instead of minor tasks like googling for a template, establishing order in the previous year’s documents or answer routine emails requests.

Digital signing


Text om signeringen, sparar tid och huvudbry…

Keeping your templates and contacts safe

Secure template storage and smart document creation – powered with digital signing, One login for all your applications.

Premium level for enterprises

If you are really aiming for a professional enterprise solution you will want to look at our Premium plan. Digitalized document data room and full service for enterprises that need to comply with both legal and stakeholder requirement.