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Cooach Toolbox is a part of the Cooach business support subscription. Serving you with smart tools to create, download and distribute contracts and legal documents. All digitized, self service and yes, really easy.


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Smart templates – Management self service

Our mission is to help you do what you do best, solving your clients needs and sell your products. We help you by simplifying the rest with smart templates and tools for your company’s core needs.

And when it is time to scale up your business leadership you should not have to learn all about HR and corporate governance or hire teams of administrative personel. All you need is Cooach. Check out and how we can be at service beyond this toolbox.

Economy tools

Easily accessible templates for all your financial documents. Upgrade your account to get access to dynamic templates. Digital signing and notifications on key events.

HR tools

Templates and contracts for employers. You will also get our leadership test for free. Upgrade your account to get a professional analysis of our answers. And digitalize your HR management. 

Ownership tools

Shareholder contracts and incentive templates. From free versions to smart tools for dynamic and automatic generation of contracts and documents for Your business.

Corporate governance

Start using our smart templates for your management. When you upgrade your account to Cooach Business you will get a workflow with notifications for the complete annual circle.

Workflow addons – the key difference

Upgrade your account to Cooach Business and get the benefits of digitalizing the workflow in your Cooach Toolbox.

Generate new contracts with a few orders to your Cooach bot.

Get notifications on key events and dates.

Sign end get signatures on your contracts and documents without paper.

The Leadership test

Test your leaders and get an overview of their leadership skills. The test includes knowledge in coaching, feedback, teamwork and conflict management and gives you insight into both improvement points and undiscovered abilities and possibilities.

Your financial reports

Cooach collect your financial data to produce professional looking online reports, from professional looking and downloadable PDF to a complete new web site developed by Cooach and distributed online.

Cooach subscription plans

Cooach Toolbox in one component in the larger Cooach business support service. – The features specific for this particular service, ordered by subscription level.

Cooach GO

Free and simple. Get instant access to smart templates and documents. You will also get access to Cooach workplace to start feeling of working in a digital office.


per month

Suitable for smaller companies

Cooach Business

Smart tools for dynamic and automatic generation of contracts and document templates. In a Business subscription digital routines and notification are added. 


per month

Start taking advantage of data. Suitable for small to medium-sized companies

Cooach Premium

Provides the business with a fully tailored business support platform and dedicated business coaches in all areas from ownership to accounting and HR.

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Start taking advantage of data. Suitable for small to medium-sized companies

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We are your insourced business support and create the right conditions for your company's growth. By offering the same business support that large company gets access to through all its staff functions.

• When you are ready to bring your company to the next level.
• When your stakeholders and owners require more sophisticated reporting and document workflow.
• When you need staff functions like large enterprises without hiring staff.

– Then there is nothing out there like Cooach.

Cooach gives growing and entrepreneurial businesses the same opportunity for good business support as the large companies – but at a reasonable cost.